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Modern Technology & Dental Sedation

Nitrous Oxide

For dental anxiety or more minor procedures, nitrous oxide can help patients feel more relaxed and comfortable while sitting in the dental chair. Also called laughing gas, nitrous oxide is administered through a comfortable mask that rests over the nose throughout treatment and can make the patient feel giddy. The effects of laughing gas wear off after a few minutes of breathing normal air, and patients are usually fine to drive themselves home after their appointment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation can be used for virtually any treatment, as the amount of sedation that is administered can be adjusted and controlled by a dental professional. IV sedation is sometimes called “sleep dentistry” due to the sleepy, dream-like feeling that patients feel when sedated. However, the patient is conscious during treatment, and if they happen to fall asleep, they can usually be awoken with a gentle shake. Patients who choose this form of sedation will need a friend or family member to drive them home.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays produce high-quality digital images that can be enhanced, allowing our team to see issues that are otherwise difficult to identify. Digital X-Rays also emit far less radiation than previous X-Ray technology, which makes taking X-Rays safer for both patients and dental staff. It is also easier for our team to save X-rays digitally and send them via email if necessary.

Intraoral Camera

Intraoral cameras are handheld devices that can be used to show the patient what their dental team is seeing by streaming a live feed to a monitor. Intraoral cameras are also used to create digital impressions, which can be used to create orthodontic treatment plans and dental crowns, among other treatments. Digital impressions are more accurate than using a traditional mold, and they tend to be more comfortable for the patient as well.

Isolite Technology

Isolite is a hands-free suction technology that allows dental professionals to decrease moisture and gently hold the patient’s mouth open during treatment. Isolite systems also reduce dental aerosols and the number of particles in the mouth that become airborne, which keeps our team and our patients safer. Isolite makes treatments more comfortable for patients and easier for dentists and hygienists, which makes appointments more efficient overall.

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