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Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain Tooth-Colored Dental

Fillings in Raleigh, Cary

and Siler City, NC

Want to restore your teeth with a natural look? Royal Oak Dental Group offers porcelain fillings to North Carolina patients who have teeth affected by mild tooth decay. Some benefits of porcelain fillings include:

  • Fillings stop the spread of decay
  • They protect the strength and function of teeth
  • They may also be used to correct uneven tooth surfaces for an improved bite
  • Porcelain fillings match surrounding tooth color for a natural look

Our CEREC Porcelain Fillings Procedures

During the porcelain filling procedure, the dentist will remove all the decayed or damaged tooth tissue with an advanced dental drill. Once this material has been removed, the Royal Oak team will take a digital impression of the tooth.

We use equipment and software from industry-leading provider CEREC to give you the best and latest in porcelain crown fillings. Using this system, we take a digital impression of your tooth and cavity and manufacture a filling perfectly fitted to your tooth—all right in our Raleigh or Cary dental office. When the porcelain filling has been created, we will permanently bond the porcelain filling into place.

The finished result is a custom dental restoration that perfectly matched the shape, size, color, and translucency of your natural teeth. Porcelain fillings also restore strength and integrity where a composite or metal filling may not be able to.

Porcelain Dental Filling FAQs

  1. Do porcelain fillings last as long as metal fillings?
    The longevity of your porcelain filling will depend on your commitment to dental hygiene. Porcelain fillings can last as long if not longer than metal fillings if they’re well cared for. Doing your part through brushing, flossing, semi-annual cleanings, and good diet will help ensure that your porcelain fillings last for many years.
  2. Are metal fillings unsafe?
    Amalgam fillings are created from a blend of metals that includes a small amount of mercury. Some studies have shown that over time, mercury is released from these fillings into the mouth through regular eating, brushing, and other activities, and some patients studied have shown elevated levels of mercury in their bodies. Although the dangers of mercury to the human body are known, no evidence has yet proved that mercury in fillings causes direct harm.
  3. Should I replace my metal fillings with porcelain?
    It’s up to you. Many people choose to replace metal fillings with porcelain fillings because they’re virtually indistinguishable from enamel. The old metal fillings were not bonded to the tooth — they were just packed tightly into the cavity. But porcelain fillings are bonded to the tooth, which creates extra strength and durability. If you have cracks in your metal filling, or it has become weakened or loose, it may be time to think about replacement.
  4. Why is porcelain Royal Oak Dental Group’s preferred filling material?
    Porcelain is probably the most enamel-like material used in dentistry. Because it is translucent, porcelain reflects light like natural teeth. Porcelain can be chosen to match your tooth shade closely, and it is a very strong material when bonded. Metal and composite materials do not have the lifelike quality or bonding strength offered by porcelain. Besides the obvious aesthetic reasons, Royal Oak Dental Group prefers porcelain to metal because it is known to be very safe. With porcelain, patients also report less temperature sensitivity after the procedure is complete.
  5. What can I expect after a porcelain filling?
    Your tooth sensitivity will depend on how big a hole the decay created. The newly-filled tooth may be sensitive to heat, cold, and pressure immediately following your appointment. This may last for a short time and will soon disappear.

Why not replace your metal fillings with beautiful and subtle porcelain fillings? Call or email Raleigh and Cary cosmetic dentist Royal Oak Dental Group for your personalized appointment.

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