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Smile Big With Braces

Orthodontics can provide great benefits to many smiles. They straighten teeth to improve appearance, but can also correct a bite to prevent tooth grinding and wear. Braces can help patients of all ages get a healthier, more attractive smile!

How Do Braces Work?

Dental braces are the way that teeth are orthodontically moved and corrected. They apply pressure over time to slowly move teeth. Braces can be worn for as little as six months with dramatic results. The Royal Oak team will examine your teeth and mouth to determine if you could benefit from braces. Braces have different parts to get optimal tooth movement, including:

  • Brackets: the small squares that are bonded to the front of each tooth and hold the orthodontic wires in places.
  • Orthodontic bands: bands that wrap around the tooth and are cemented in place to anchor the wire arch and hold it tight.
  • Arch wires: the wires that attach to the brackets and guide the movement of teeth.
  • Ties: small rubber rings that are placed on brackets to keep the arch wire in place.
  • Rubber bands or elastics: may be attached to hooks on brackets to apply pressure between the top and bottom teeth.

If you think you or your child could benefit from braces, call Royal Oak Dental Group.  We are proud to serve patients in the Raleigh-Cary-Chapel Hill-Siler City area, including Apex, Carrboro, Pittsboro, Hillsboro, Durham, Morrisville, Garner, Wake Forest and Knightdale.




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