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Acrylic Repairs

Denture, Retainer & Other Acrylic Repairs

Few things are more frustrating than having a dental appliance you cannot live without, and having something go wrong with it. When you think about it, dental appliances such as retainers, nightguards, splints, and dentures really take a beating from day-to-day use. From crunching carrots, to absorbing the force from nightly teeth grinding, it sometimes seems like a miracle that they last as long as they do.

At Royal Oak Dental Group, we know that when your dental appliance becomes damaged, you want it repaired as quickly as possible.

TMD & TMJ Treatment with Splints & Nightguards

Splints to treat TMD or TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) and bruxism can really take a beating at night from clenching and grinding. It’s no wonder that the occasional crack or hole needs a repair. In order to protect your splint or nightguard from irreparable damage, set up an appointment today at one of our local dental offices for a repair as soon as possible. You should also plan to bring them with you to your appointments so we can check their condition.

Appliances like splints and nightguards should have periodic adjustments to fix the surfaces, which can become ground down, and no longer offer the same guidance.

Orthodontic Retainer Repairs

Acrylic orthodontic retainers are an essential part of your oral treatment. Once your treatment is complete, and your teeth are in their new position, we can create a retainer to wear for a specific number of hours per day, in order to prevent orthodontic relapse. That occurs when your teeth drift back toward their original location.

Because you frequently wear your retainer, you probably carry it with you. Between day-to-day wear, and taking it with you from place to place, it might eventually need a repair if the acrylic cracks or breaks. We keep the supplies on hand to make basic acrylic repairs on the spot, so that you don’t have to leave your retainer, or have it shipped to a dental lab.

Affordable Acrylic Repairs for Partial & Full Dentures

Properly fitting dentures are essential to your health and comfort. Your mouth is sensitive, and one little rough spot can create significant discomfort. Additionally, having a damaged partial or full denture may mean that it will not fit at all. To prevent sores and ensure a proper fit, you should have your partial or complete dentures checked periodically for damage. If damage occurs, Royal Oak Dental Group can have them repaired for you at a local dental lab.

Do Not Try This at Home!

You should never attempt to repair your dental appliance at home, as the smallest errors can ruin your appliance for good. We use special materials designed to withstand the acidic environment caused by your saliva and materials that are strong enough to withstand the forces of chewing.

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